Monday, February 16, 2009

Pro's & Con's

Hello again.

I'm contemplating taking up a membership at the local pool around the corner from me. Every since I was a little kid, I've been a water baby but this has dropped off in more recent times. I love swimming. I would regularly swim laps when I was in secondary school even though I considered myself allergic to exercise (given I'm asthmatic I was partially right).

Walking is great too. Except when it's too hot or smokey from the bushfires. (On the bushfires, all friends and family are safe and well.)

So the pool, which has indoor & heated facilities, is looking good. Also, swimming doesn't require me to update my runners and has less impact on the joints. But there will be significant waxing involved. ARGH!!!!! BUT! I felt fitter and found breathing easier when I was swimming (scientifically proven too! I have the data somewhere).

I should also mention here that I have set myself a ridiculous goal of running the 4km mothers day classic. So either way I will need to update the runners. Training was supposed to start last week. This week it will have to be!

In other news. Have been madly cleaning my house. I decided I was sick of the mess in the kitchen and the lounge. It's a bit of a vicious cycle though. I clean, husband and small child make mess. I'm also planning on clearing out at least half my clothes. They either don't fit or don't get worn. This is also so there is less washing to do.

I forgot to mention that in the last four weeks I have lost 2.4kg. Lots more to go.


  1. I did nothing during the smoky days, and I am still having problems with my asthma (which you know is usually not a problem for me at all) because of those days. My lungs feel like hell! Will hopefully be back into at least walking next week.

    Hope the swimming went well. Also hope the waxing went well (GAH!)

  2. Didn't end up waxing. I shaved and have paid the penalty ever since. Lesson learnt!

    Swimming was great.