Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A review

So the adventure with gluten free eating has continued and on the weekend I tried Patties Gluten Free Sausage Rolls.  This was to placate my need to eat similar to the rest of the household, plus my coeliac dad had left them in the freezer here.

I have had many sausage rolls over my life so far.  Home made, frozen, commercial bakery the works.  The gluten free ones I had were one of the worst.  Sorry, I tried really hard to like them, but they just didn't cut it.

The pastry was hard not at all flaky to begin with.  This meant it would crumble and crack and end up all over my top, lap, table and require sauce to soften/collect up.

The contents resembled wet ground up cardboard.  In fact, I'm not convinced the box wouldn't have tasted better.  It was greyish/brown and had the consistancy of paste.  Not at all appealing.

So out of ten I give it 4.  And most of those points are to do with it being gluten free.

If anyone can let me know where I can get some gluten free puff pastry so I can make my own (gah!) I would really appreciate it.

Sunday, January 30, 2011


I have been a toast girl all of my life.  Hate cereal with a passion and only really eat it as a snack (without the milk) when I'm really craving it.

So the announcement that wheat is the enemy sent me into a spin.  I love my bread!  So I've had to become a little bit creative with my breaky.

Here's what I've come up with so far (and how I rate them out of ten):

Cornflakes with stewed fruit. 4/10

Sweet spiced Risotto 8/10

Rice/corn thins with avocado, tomato and grated cheese 7.5/10

As you can see, I still haven't hit the perfect breakfast that was both convenient and tasty.

For the record, I have tried gluten free bread and it was disgusting.  All suggestions will be taken into consideration.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

I'm back!

Sorry for the absence.

But I'm back.

There have been many developments of late. Here is the latest. In order to get healthy and well, and balance out my hormones and lose weight, I'm now under the care of a naturopath. Yippee.

So the first consultation went well. We determined the underlying issue (digestion mostly caused by a condition I have) which then lead to eliminating wheat and potatoes out of my already restricted diet. This was crushing. I love my bread.

So here I am at day 4 and slowly getting used to starting the day without toast. Yesterday I noticed I wasn't as tired as I usually am. Granted I was tired but I think that had to do with a small girl wetting her bed at 5:30am rather than the usual feeling exhausted. Things are looking up. Eliminating wheat also means I have to plan my meals better than I used to as well. Not many fast food/takeaways have wheat or potato free foods. So I'm packing my lunch of left over risotto today.

So stay tuned for updates on how I'm tracking.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Not much.

When people ask me what I've been up to, I always say not much. I think I have some really hum drum boring life until I think about it and realise I've been doing lots.

Why do I feel that I'm not busy?

So what have I been up to. Lets see.

I finished the first of my courses and handed in the report I put off writing for a week. Now I'm waiting for the results and the bit of paper to put on the wall. I've started the next course via correspondence and I'm already halfway through the notes. I've been booked for a series of presentations. I made contact with new possible clients. My hubby ended up in hospital and had his appendix out. I cleaned the toilet. Wrote and designed my future brochure and website. Reviewed my use of happy pills with doc and will be continuing them for quite a while. Phone just rang and hung up before I could answer it. Supervised hubby recover from surgery. Been interviewed for a magazine. Went back to ww. Caught up with a bunch of old friends round a fire.

Really, I've been busy haven't I?

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A week later

It's been a week on the happy pills and I'm pleased to report the fog has lifted and I'm starting to think clearly. The issues lurking underneath are still there but don't seem as bad and I'm working on them.

Today I'm off to see a client. Woo! Hopefully this will be the beginning of many clients and a leap into a successful business. But there are decisions to make. Do I want to continue to work from home or take a room somewhere? Do I want to go mobile or stay in a fixed location? Do I want to work just for myself or for someone else? ARGH!!!!!! Do I want to continue working part time or go full time? Do I want to continue the education and return to study? Tricky.

I'm also heading to a big fundraising dinner thing for PANDA this Friday night then it's the mother's day classic on Sunday. The social calendar is starting to fill up. I might just have something resembling a life after all.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Black dog and other issues

Winston Churchill referred to depression as a black dog.

In the last few weeks my battle with depression has gotten harder. My mood has sunk and today I went to the doctor and have been placed on happy pills. Yes I know I said I didn't want to do this but the time has come and I was getting too tired to fight. I will continue to explore the alternatives.

As I've been so low, I didn't want to post anything.

So, here I go. Wonder where this will take me.

Other news is that on the weekend I finally did one of the courses I've been wanting to do for ages. Now I just need to finish the assignments and I'll have another qualification. Yay.

I'll post again soon to let you know how I'm going.

Friday, April 3, 2009

What was I thinking?

I think I've mentioned my intention to run the 4k mothers day classic before. Did I mention I've put off the training until now? Yep, I'm gonna pay big.

So this morning I decided that I cannot put off the training any longer. I started with some yoga to limber up and stretch. Not so bad. Then I packed up my little girl into the pusher and started the interval training. The warm up walk was great then the alert to run went off. I had to negotiate a corner, a tree and wobbly bits in the run but I managed 3/4 of the first jog bit. I sensibly tried not to go too fast and then had to walk. The next run alert went off and this time I managed half of the jog. After that it was all walking. To justify my wimping out along the way, I had a handicap. The pusher weighs 11kg plus my hefty toddler of 13kg equals more effort. I'm realising that I may have left this a little late, but I figure it's only day one of jogging. If I can manage to do three of the intervals next time, at least that will be an improvement and I can always walk/run the classic if I need to.

Thanks for putting up with the rant. My counsellor and I had a big chat about how I feel and what I'm going to do next. Last night I rang my mum and told her how I feel (just to remind her I have feelings too) and what I'm going to do. This I thought went well until fifteen minutes later my dad rang telling me mum was really upset. I've decided I'm not going to feel guilty about it.

Other news, I can't wait for my HRM to come back to me! I need to know what intensity I'm working at.

Also toddler girl is trying to talk more and giving me more smiles. They make everything better.