Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Another adventure.

Hi all.

Was feeling a little flat this morning and managed to eat half a block of very nice, but very wrong, chocolate. ARGH! So I thought I would remedy this with some exercise. I thought that I would take my bike and it's new seat out for a test drive. All this sounds good doesn't it?

So I grabbed all the paraphernalia I required. The basics like keys, Ventolin, mobile, water bottle and helmet. Then figured out I didn't have anywhere to store these while essentials whilst riding. Enter the denim skirt. I rationalised that I could just wear it over my leggings. Oh so very fashionable.

First challenge of the day was actually extracting the bike from the garage. Darling hubby seemed to think the back of the garage was a fantastic place to store it. So whilst the doggy's were barking insanely to let me know there was someone in our garage (they're not too bright), I carried the bike through the obstacles such as a car radiator and ute tailgate (I can't explain this sufficiently, might need to learn how to post photos.) and got out the bike.
Stage one complete.

Next was to get my helmet on. I put my hair into pigtails when I exercise. Pigtails+helmet=jammed on. God I must have looked frightful.
Stage two complete.

Now I had to get on the bike. Remember that skirt I was telling you about. Now there is no ladylike way to get on my bike. I have to get on the same way guys get on. Not in a skirt. Yes it has stretch but not that much stretch. I was trying to do this in the driveway in full sight of the neighbourhood. YAY! After a small stumble into the garden bed, I was on and heading off. Stage three complete!

I was riding. Wind in my face, sun in my eyes but I was on the road and peddling. I managed three corners when a ute and trailer overtook me and stopped suddenly at the next intersection. I was turning left and didn't see the car coming. Oops took my eyes off where I was going for a second and I'm off the bike. Hello nature strip AND with witnesses. The blokes in the ute were probably killing themselves laughing.

Got up, back on the bike and rode back to my house where I found my water bottle waiting patiently on the couch where I had left it.
Stage four complete.

Condition report: Bruises: Zero. Scrapes: Zero. Broken bones:Zero. Dignity: Slightly dinted. Bum: Not as sore.

Mission complete.

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  1. I have one of those bike-thingies. I should really clean it up and go for a burl. Problem is, I really hate it when vans back into me.

    Oh and my advice for attire: Trackies with gators. Or perhaps a bumbag.