Thursday, March 26, 2009

Excuses and interruptions.


As I was pushing my toddler in the pusher this arvo I was coming up with a fantastic post. All the musing of the last couple of days and the like. Then I was interrupted by a surprise visit from my father in law. He always seems to turn up when I'm covered in my toddler's lunch/dinner/drink, the house is a mess or I'm about to do something. Today it was all of them. Argh!

Right at this minute, I'm trying to type and balance my girl on my lap. Challenging.

What was I going to post. Oh yeah.

I was thinking about all the excuses I'm currently using to delay the start of my running program. There are a few. If there's one, I'll find it.

My heart rate monitor is in Adelaide being serviced and battery changed. Might as well be in Europe. This frustrates me as I use it as a guide to the intensity of my workout and an accurate monitor of how long I've exercised. It also, obviously, tells me when I'm pushing too hard.

I also had been using my boobs as an excuse. I'm not bragging here, but I have really big knockers. I've used my sports bra being too big and not supporting me the way it should. This is good and bad. Hip Hip Hooray, I've lost weight. Groan, I could injure someone if not restrained. I've since had a fitting and found my back size has gone down but cups are still huge. This I will one day have surgery to fix once I've lost more weight.

Then there's the part of me that I can't fix with a sports bra. They should tell you in pre-natal classes your belly will NEVER be the same. It's all wobbly and like the boobs, needs to be strapped down to prevent injury. Tricky. It was suggested I try skins as they suck everything in and help with something else. I did. I got the largest chicky size and wandered off to the fitting room. I got the top on OK, just got trapped trying to get it off. I had to get the very nice staff member to come in and help me rediscover my head and release my arms from above my head. Note to designers out there, Big sizes are needed more than skimpy ones. We need it more!

There's also the weather and lack of light. As the days are getting shorter here, I've got less opportunity to get out and move. This isn't the greatest area to be out in the dark on your own and given hubby leaves for work in the dark (even in summer), I can't just go for a very early morning run. Someone has to be home with the baby. By the end of the day, I've either lost enthusiasm or it's dark again. Any suggestions on this one?

So in other news, I'm going out tomorrow night with one of my best friends sans hubby and bubby. This will be a first and I'm looking forward to it. I'll let you know how it goes.

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  1. My advice: Don't run! Running is oh so evil, and should only be done by those footpath nazis I see every lunch time jogging around parks. Bah! to them, I say.