Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spoke too soon

Nope, I was wrong. Wii-mote is back in the hands of Hubby. It seems that as soon as I started to use it, his interest in it fired back up. I'll be very glad when he finishes his leave and returns to work on Monday.

Thursday was our 4th anniversary of our marriage and we celebrated by spending the day together on Friday. We took my bike to be serviced and new saddled (YAY) and acquired computer parts to replace the bits that didn't like the power surge and then had a lovely lunch at a pub. We then came home to watch the latest James Bond movie. I need you to know that I love James Bond movies before I tell you what happened next. About 10 minutes in, I went to sleep. I know, I know but this one seemed to be missing something. Oh yeah, Ian Fleming. Will try again in the coming week.

Bubs has just woken from her nap. She go and check on her.

Talk soon.

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